Bus LineDirectionNo. of PortalsLink to GMap
100inbound (St George's Town Hall / Shadwell Station to Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway)134Map
100outbound (Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway to St George's Town Hall / Shadwell Station)150Map
101inbound (Gallions Reach Shopping Park to Woodbine Place)22Map
101outbound (Woodbine Place to Gallions Reach Shopping Park)24Map
102inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Edmonton Green Bus Station)50Map
102outbound (Edmonton Green Bus Station to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)53Map
103inbound (Rainham Station to Chase Cross)32Map
103outbound (Chase Cross to Rainham Station)31Map
104inbound (Manor Park / Gladding Road to Stratford Bus Station)53Map
104outbound (Stratford Bus Station to Manor Park / Gladding Road)48Map
105inbound (Heathrow Central Bus Station to Greenford Station)42Map
105outbound (Rockware Avenue / Greenford Station to Heathrow Central Bus Station)43Map
106inbound (Cavell Street to Finsbury Park Interchange)74Map
106outbound (Finsbury Park Interchange to Cavell Street)74Map
107inbound (New Barnet Station / Station Road to Edgware Station)67Map
107outbound (Edgware Bus Station to New Barnet Station)67Map
108inbound (Lewisham Centre to Stratford Bus Station)56Map
108outbound (Stratford Bus Station to Molesworth Street)81Map
109inbound (Brixton Road / Brixton Police Station to Park Street)85Map
109outbound (Croydon Library to Brixton Station)95Map
10inbound (Wharfdale Road / London Canal Museum to Hammersmith Bus Station)189Map
10outbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to King's Cross Station / York Way)172Map
110inbound (West Middlesex Hospital to Arragon Road)36Map
110outbound (Arragon Road to West Middlesex Hospital)36Map
111inbound (Heathrow Central Bus Station to Cromwell Road Bus Station)81Map
111outbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to Heathrow Central Bus Station)79Map
112inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Ealing Broadway Station / Haven Green)35Map
112outbound (Ealing Broadway Station to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)28Map
113inbound (Portman Street / Marble Arch Station to Edgware Station)66Map
113outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Marble Arch Station)77Map
114inbound (Ruislip Station to Mill Hill Broadway Station)42Map
114outbound (Mill Hill Broadway Station to Ruislip Station)39Map
115inbound (Mansell Street to East Ham / White Horse)73Map
115outbound (East Ham / White Horse to Leman Street / Aldgate East Station)77Map
116inbound (School Road to Ashford Hospital)17Map
116outbound (Ashford Hospital to Hounslow Bus Station)15Map
117inbound (Staines Bus Station to West London Mental Health Trust)56Map
117outbound (West London Mental Health Trust to Staines Bus Station)58Map
118inbound (Morden Station to Brixton Station)76Map
118outbound (Brixton Road / Brixton Police Station to Morden Station)79Map
119inbound (The Colonnades / Croydon Airport to Bromley North Station)111Map
119outbound (Bromley North Station to The Colonnades / Croydon Airport)94Map
11inbound (All Hallows Church to Fulham Town Hall)221Map
11outbound (Fulham Town Hall to Eldon Street / Liverpool Street Station)231Map
120inbound (Northolt Station to Hounslow Bus Station)36Map
120outbound (Hounslow Bus Station to Northolt Station)38Map
121inbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Enfield Island Village)93Map
121outbound (Enfield Island Village to Turnpike Lane Station)91Map
122inbound (Crystal Palace Parade to Plumstead Bus Garage)105Map
122outbound (Plumstead Road / Plumstead Station to Crystal Palace Parade)106Map
123inbound (Hainault Street to Wood Green Station)86Map
123outbound (Lordship Lane to Hainault Street)92Map
124inbound (Holy Trinity Church to Stanstead Road / St Dunstans College)49Map
124outbound (Stanstead Road / St Dunstans College to Southend Crescent / Southend Close)52Map
125inbound (St Mary's Church to Winchmore Hill / Station Road)46Map
125outbound (Winchmore Hill / Station Road to St Mary's Church)52Map
126inbound (Holy Trinity Church to Ringers Road)56Map
126outbound (Ringers Road to Eltham High Street / Foots Cray Road)59Map
127inbound (Mitcham Road / Tooting Broadway Station to Purley Station)77Map
127outbound (Purley Station to Tooting Broadway Station)72Map
128inbound (Claybury Broadway to Romford Station)49Map
128outbound (Romford Station to Claybury Broadway)48Map
129inbound (Greenwich Town Centre / Cutty Sark to North Greenwich Station)26Map
129outbound (North Greenwich Station to Greenwich Town Centre / Cutty Sark)31Map
12inbound (Etherow Street to Margaret Street / Oxford Circus)158Map
12outbound (Oxford Circus Station / Margaret Street to Dulwich Library)158Map
130inbound (Parchmore Road to Vulcan Way)23Map
130outbound (Vulcan Way to Parchmore Road)30Map
131inbound (Tooting Broadway / Sth Thames College to Fairfield Bus Station)80Map
131outbound (Fairfield Bus Station to Tooting Broadway Station)88Map
132inbound (Market Place / Bexleyheath Clock Tower to North Greenwich Station)59Map
132outbound (North Greenwich Station to Geddes Place)59Map
133inbound (Wormwood Street to Streatham Station)146Map
133outbound (Streatham Station to Wormwood Street)149Map
134inbound (Tottenham Court Road Station to Tally Ho Corner)134Map
134outbound (North Finchley Bus Station to New Oxford Street)129Map
135inbound (Old Street Station to Isle Of Dogs Asda)133Map
135outbound (Crossharbour Asda to Moorfields Eye Hospital)160Map
136inbound (Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway to Grove Park Bus Station)132Map
136outbound (Grove Park Bus Station to Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway)136Map
137inbound (John Prince's Street / Oxford Circus to Streatham Hill / Telford Avenue)88Map
137outbound (Telford Avenue to John Prince's Street / Oxford Circus)84Map
138inbound (Chestnut Avenue to Bromley North Station)45Map
138outbound (Bromley North Station to Chestnut Avenue)36Map
139inbound (Waterloo Station / Tenison Way to West End Green)159Map
139outbound (West End Green to Waterloo Station / Waterloo Road)162Map
13inbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to Golders Green Station)141Map
13outbound (Golders Green Station to Aldwych / Drury Lane)139Map
140inbound (Harrow Weald Bus Garage to Heathrow Central Bus Station)64Map
140outbound (Heathrow Central Bus Station to Long Elmes)64Map
141inbound (London Bridge Station to Tottenhall Road)139Map
141outbound (Tottenhall Road to London Bridge Station)138Map
142inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Watford Junction Station)62Map
142outbound (Watford Junction Railway Station to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)60Map
143inbound (Archway Station / Junction Road to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)67Map
143outbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Archway Station / Macdonald Road)60Map
144inbound (Edmonton Green Bus Station to Muswell Hill Broadway)47Map
144outbound (Muswell Hill Broadway to Edmonton Green Bus Station)46Map
145inbound (Leytonstone Station to Dagenham Asda)45Map
145outbound (Dagenham Asda to Leytonstone Station)41Map
146inbound (Downe Church to Bromley North Station)55Map
146outbound (Bromley North Station to Downe Church)46Map
147inbound (Canning Town Bus Station to Hainault Street)44Map
147outbound (Hainault Street to Canning Town Station)38Map
148inbound (White City Bus Station to Denmark Hill / Camberwell Green)170Map
148outbound (Denmark Hill / Camberwell Green to White City Bus Station)175Map
149inbound (London Bridge Station to Edmonton Green Bus Station)174Map
149outbound (Edmonton Green Bus Station to London Bridge Station)172Map
14inbound (Warren Street Station to Putney Heath / Green Man)164Map
14outbound (Putney Heath / Green Man to Warren Street Station)159Map
150outbound (Althorne Way to Gants Hill Station / Cranbrook Road)32Map
151inbound (Worcester Park Station to Shotfield)60Map
151outbound (Shotfield to Worcester Park Station)67Map
152inbound (Walton Avenue to South Lodge Avenue / Yorkshire Road)45Map
152outbound (South Lodge Avenue / Yorkshire Road to Walton Avenue)48Map
153inbound (Finsbury Square to Finsbury Park Interchange)93Map
153outbound (Finsbury Park Interchange to Finsbury Square)94Map
154inbound (Morden Station to West Croydon Bus Station)77Map
154outbound (Whitgift Centre to Morden Station)72Map
155inbound (Elephant & Castle / London Road to St George's Hospital)88Map
155outbound (St George's Hospital to Lambeth Road)99Map
156inbound (Vauxhall Bus Station to Wimbledon Station)111Map
156outbound (Wimbledon Bus Station to Vauxhall Bus Station)108Map
157inbound (Morden Station to Crystal Palace Parade)89Map
157outbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to Morden Station)93Map
158inbound (Stratford Bus Station to Chingford Mount)65Map
158outbound (Chingford Mount to Stratford Bus Station)82Map
159inbound (Marble Arch Station to Streatham Station)175Map
159outbound (Streatham Station to Marble Arch Station)176Map
15inbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Blackwall Station)170Map
15outbound (Blackwall Station to Charing Cross Station)180Map
160inbound (Sidcup Station to Catford Bridge Station)58Map
160outbound (Thomas Lane to Sidcup Station)55Map
161inbound (North Greenwich Station to Chislehurst War Memorial)81Map
161outbound (Chislehurst War Memorial to North Greenwich Station)84Map
162inbound (Eltham Bus Station to Beckenham Junction Station / Rectory Rd)91Map
162outbound (Beckenham Junction Station / Rectory Rd to Eltham Bus Station)100Map
163inbound (Francis Grove to Morden Station)30Map
163outbound (London Road / Morden Station to Francis Grove)34Map
164inbound (Francis Grove to Sutton Station / The Quadrant)50Map
164outbound (Sutton Station / The Quadrant to Francis Grove)60Map
165inbound (Abbey Wood Lane to The Brewery)37Map
165outbound (The Brewery to Abbey Wood Lane)34Map
166inbound (Whitgift Centre to Epsom Hospital)89Map
166outbound (Epsom Hospital to West Croydon Bus Station)99Map
167inbound (The Broadway to Hainault Street)42Map
167outbound (Hainault Street to The Broadway)38Map
168inbound (Dunton Road to South End Green)182Map
168outbound (Royal Free Hospital to Dunton Road)186Map
169inbound (Barking Town Centre to Clayhall / The Glade)22Map
169outbound (Clayhall / The Glade to Barking Town Centre)21Map
16inbound (Victoria Station to Longley Way)79Map
16outbound (Mora Road to Victoria Bus Station)72Map
170inbound (Victoria Station to Minstead Gardens)101Map
170outbound (Danebury Avenue / Minstead Gardens to Victoria Bus Station)91Map
171inbound (Museum Street to Catford Garage)206Map
171outbound (Newquay Road to Holborn Station)179Map
172inbound (Little Britain to Brockley Rise / Chandos)211Map
172outbound (Brockley Rise / Chandos to King Edward Street)204Map
173inbound (King George Hospital to Beckton Bus Station)9Map
173outbound (Beckton Bus Station to King George Hospital)11Map
174inbound (C E M E to Dagnam Park Square)36Map
174outbound (Dagnam Park Square to C E M E)33Map
175inbound (Ford Main Works to Ballards Road)31Map
175outbound (Hillrise Estate to Ford Main Works)31Map
176inbound (Tottenham Court Road Station to Penge / Pawleyne Arms)196Map
176outbound (Penge / Pawleyne Arms to Denmark Street)205Map
177inbound (Peckham Bus Station to Thamesmead Town Centre)109Map
177outbound (Thamesmead Town Centre to Peckham Bus Station)104Map
178inbound (Lewisham Police Station to Thomas Street)38Map
178outbound (Calderwood Street to Molesworth Street)44Map
179inbound (Hainault Street to Chingford Station)48Map
179outbound (Chingford Station to Hainault Street)46Map
17inbound (London Bridge to Archway Station / Macdonald Road)151Map
17outbound (Archway Station / Junction Road to London Bridge)159Map
181inbound (Grove Park Bus Station to Lewisham Police Station)75Map
181outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Grove Park Bus Station)70Map
182inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Bannister Playing Fields)68Map
182outbound (Bannister Playing Fields to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)67Map
183inbound (Pinner Station to Golders Green Station)68Map
183outbound (Golders Green Station to Pinner Station / Bridge Street)68Map
184inbound (Chesterfield Road to Turnpike Lane Station)67Map
184outbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Chesterfield Road)67Map
185inbound (Neathouse Place to Lewisham Police Station)164Map
185outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Victoria Station)162Map
186inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to St Mark's Hospital)48Map
186outbound (St Mark's Hospital to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)48Map
187inbound (O2 Centre / Sainsbury's to Central Middlesex Hospital)54Map
187outbound (Central Middlesex Hospital to O2 Centre / Sainsbury's)50Map
188inbound (Russell Square Station to North Greenwich Station)179Map
188outbound (North Greenwich Station to Russell Square Station)161Map
189inbound (John Prince's Street / Oxford Circus to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)85Map
189outbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to John Prince's Street / Oxford Circus)88Map
18inbound (Euston Bus Station to Sudbury & Harrow Road Station)113Map
18outbound (Sudbury & Harrow Road Station to Euston Station)117Map
190inbound (Empress State Building / West Brompton to Richmond Bus Station)74Map
190outbound (George Street to Empress State Building / W Brompton Stn)67Map
191inbound (Brimsdown Station to Edmonton Green Bus Station)51Map
191outbound (Edmonton Green Bus Station to Brimsdown Station)48Map
192inbound (Tottenham Hale Bus Station to Little Park Gardens)40Map
192outbound (Little Park Gardens to Tottenham Hale Bus Station)42Map
193inbound (Essex Gardens to Queen's Hospital)25Map
193outbound (Queen's Hospital to Essex Gardens)23Map
194inbound (Lunar House to Bell Green / Sainsbury's)77Map
194outbound (Bell Green / Sainsbury's to West Croydon Bus Station)75Map
195inbound (Brentford County Court to Charville Lane Estate)64Map
195outbound (Romney Road to Alexandra Road)66Map
196inbound (Norwood Junction Station to Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway)101Map
196outbound (Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway to Norwood Junction Station)104Map
197inbound (Croydon Library to Peckham Bus Station)106Map
197outbound (Peckham Bus Station to Croydon Flyover)102Map
198inbound (Nursery Road to Shrublands / Bramble Close)50Map
198outbound (Shrublands / Bramble Close to Talbot Road)56Map
199inbound (Newquay Road to Canada Water Bus Station)107Map
199outbound (Canada Water Bus Station to Catford Garage)118Map
19inbound (Battersea Bridge / Hester Road to Finsbury Park Interchange)200Map
19outbound (Finsbury Park Interchange to Parkgate Road)215Map
1inbound (Canada Water Bus Station to Tottenham Court Road)127Map
1outbound (New Oxford Street to Canada Water Bus Station)136Map
200inbound (Raleigh Gardens to Lambton Road)60Map
200outbound (Lambton Road to Raleigh Gardens)57Map
201inbound (Herne Hill Station to London Road / Morden Station)56Map
201outbound (Morden Station to Dulwich Road)52Map
202inbound (Blackheath / Royal Standard to Crystal Palace Parade)73Map
202outbound (Crystal Palace Parade to Blackheath / Royal Standard)78Map
203inbound (Staines Bus Station to Hounslow Bus Station)25Map
203outbound (School Road to Staines Bus Station)28Map
204inbound (Edgware Bus Station to Sudbury Town Station)45Map
204outbound (Sudbury Town Station to Edgware Station)45Map
205inbound (Bow Church to Cleveland Terrace)258Map
205outbound (Cleveland Terrace to Bow Church Station)232Map
206inbound (Kilburn Park Station to The Paddocks)52Map
206outbound (The Paddocks to Kilburn Park Station)52Map
207inbound (Twyford Crescent to Hayes By-Pass)89Map
207outbound (Hayes By-Pass to White City Bus Station)83Map
208inbound (Orpington / Perry Hall Road to Lewisham Police Station)154Map
208outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Orpington / Perry Hall Road)154Map
209inbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Mortlake Bus Station)31Map
209outbound (Mortlake Bus Station to Hammersmith Bus Station)29Map
20inbound (The Broadway to Walthamstow Bus Station)25Map
20outbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to Burton Road)21Map
210inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Finsbury Park Station)67Map
210outbound (Finsbury Park Station to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)70Map
211inbound (Waterloo Station / Upper Taxi Road to Hammersmith Bus Station)137Map
211outbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Waterloo Station / Upper Taxi Road)145Map
212inbound (St James Street Station to Chingford Station)32Map
212outbound (Chingford Station to St James Street Station)33Map
213inbound (Sutton Bus Garage to Fairfield Bus Station)83Map
213outbound (Fairfield Bus Station to Sutton Bus Garage)84Map
214inbound (Finsbury Square to Highgate School)146Map
214outbound (Highgate School / Hampstead Lane to Finsbury Square)141Map
215inbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to Yardley Lane Estate)44Map
215outbound (Yardley Lane Estate to Walthamstow Bus Station)44Map
216inbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to Staines Bus Station)72Map
216outbound (Staines Bus Station to Cromwell Road Bus Station)77Map
217inbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Waltham Cross Bus Station)14Map
217outbound (Waltham Cross Bus Station to Turnpike Lane Bus Station)13Map
219inbound (Falcon Lane to Francis Grove)75Map
219outbound (Francis Grove to Falcon Lane)82Map
21inbound (Newington Green to Molesworth Street)168Map
21outbound (Lewisham Centre to Newington Green)175Map
220inbound (Mapleton Road to Willesden Junction Station)94Map
220outbound (Willesden Junction Station to Mapleton Crescent)85Map
221inbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Edgware Station)55Map
221outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Turnpike Lane Station)57Map
222inbound (School Road to Belmont Road)60Map
222outbound (Uxbridge Station to Hounslow Bus Station)56Map
223inbound (Wembley Central Station to Harrow Bus Station)34Map
223outbound (Harrow Bus Station to Wembley Central Station)31Map
224inbound (Mitchell Way to Abbey Road)36Map
224outbound (Wembley Stadium Station to Mitchell Way)34Map
225inbound (Canada Water Bus Station to Springbank Road / Hither Green Station)78Map
225outbound (Springbank Road / Hither Green Station to Canada Water Bus Station)75Map
226inbound (Golders Green Station to Haven Green / Ealing Broadway Station)39Map
226outbound (Haven Green / Ealing Broadway Station to Golders Green Station)36Map
227inbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to Bromley North Station)69Map
227outbound (Bromley North Station to Crystal Palace)67Map
228inbound (Chippenham Road / Shirland Road to Central Middlesex Hospital)69Map
228outbound (Central Middlesex Hospital to Chippenham Road / Shirland Road)69Map
229inbound (Sidcup / Queen Mary's Hospital to Carlton Road)53Map
229outbound (Thamesmead Town Centre to Queen Mary's Hospital / Chislehurst Road)51Map
22inbound (Piccadilly Circus to Putney Common)109Map
22outbound (Putney Common to Piccadilly Circus)101Map
230inbound (Lordship Lane to Fyfield Road)68Map
230outbound (Fyfield Road to Wood Green Station)70Map
231inbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Enfield Chase Station)29Map
231outbound (Enfield Chase Station to Turnpike Lane Bus Station)29Map
232inbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Mitchell Way)56Map
232outbound (Mitchell Way to Turnpike Lane Station)60Map
233inbound (Beechenlea Lane to Eltham Bus Station)37Map
233outbound (Eltham Bus Station to Beechenlea Lane)36Map
234inbound (Highgate Wood to The Spires)54Map
234outbound (The Spires to Highgate Wood)52Map
235inbound (Great West Quarter to Three Fishes)67Map
235outbound (Three Fishes to Great West Quarter)65Map
236inbound (Trowbridge Estate to Finsbury Park Interchange)58Map
236outbound (Finsbury Park Interchange to Hackney Wick)67Map
237inbound (White City Bus Station to Hounslow Heath / The Hussar)101Map
237outbound (Frampton Road to White City Bus Station)103Map
238inbound (Barking Station to Stratford Bus Station)49Map
238outbound (Stratford Bus Station to Barking Station)49Map
23inbound (All Hallows Church to Westbourne Park Bus Garage)255Map
23outbound (Great Western Road to Eldon Street / Liverpool Street Station)243Map
240inbound (Edgware Bus Station to Golders Green Station)36Map
240outbound (Golders Green Station to Edgware Station)34Map
241inbound (Hermit Road to Stratford City Bus Station)49Map
241outbound (Stratford City Bus Station to Hermit Road)49Map
242inbound (New Oxford Street to Homerton Hospital)178Map
242outbound (Homerton Hospital / Wardle Street to Drury Lane)177Map
243inbound (Waterloo Station / Tenison Way to Wood Green Station)197Map
243outbound (Redvers Road to Waterloo Station / Mepham Street)208Map
244inbound (Abbey Wood Road to Queen Elizabeth Hospital / West Entrance)33Map
244outbound (Queen Elizabeth Hospital / West Entrance to Princess Alice)31Map
245inbound (Golders Green Station to Glacier Way)42Map
245outbound (Alperton Sainsbury's to Golders Green Station)43Map
246inbound (Westerham Green to Bromley North Station)79Map
246outbound (Bromley North Station to Westerham Green)70Map
247inbound (Romford Station to Barkingside Station)31Map
247outbound (Barkingside Station to Romford Station)27Map
248inbound (Moor Lane to Romford Market)36Map
248outbound (Romford Market to Moor Lane)36Map
249inbound (Anerley Station to Clapham Common Old Town)77Map
249outbound (The Pavement to Jasmine Grove)86Map
24inbound (South End Green to Grosvenor Road)190Map
24outbound (Grosvenor Road to Royal Free Hospital)191Map
250inbound (Croydon Library to Park Street)92Map
250outbound (Brixton Road / Brixton Police Station to Whitgift Centre)82Map
251inbound (Edgware Bus Station to Arnos Grove Station)38Map
251outbound (Arnos Grove Station to Edgware Station)37Map
252inbound (Hornchurch Town Centre to Collier Row / Clockhouse Lane)31Map
252outbound (Collier Row Library to Hornchurch Town Centre)31Map
253inbound (Euston Bus Station to Hackney Central Station)85Map
253outbound (Hackney Central Station to Euston Bus Station)75Map
254inbound (Chambers Road to Darling Row)98Map
254outbound (Darling Row to Caledonian Road)89Map
255inbound (Balham Station / Balham Station Road to South Lodge Avenue / Yorkshire Road)37Map
255outbound (South Lodge Avenue / Yorkshire Road to Balham Station / Balham Station Road)42Map
256inbound (Wincanton Road to St George's Hospital)20Map
256outbound (Miramar Way to Wincanton Road)20Map
257inbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to Stratford Bus Station)54Map
257outbound (Stratford Bus Station to Walthamstow Bus Station)40Map
258inbound (South Harrow Bus Station to Watford Junction Railway Station)79Map
258outbound (Watford Junction Railway Station to South Harrow Bus Station)77Map
259inbound (Swinton Street to Edmonton Green Bus Station)120Map
259outbound (Edmonton Green Bus Station to King's Cross Road / Pentonville Road)110Map
25inbound (Hainault Street to Holles Street)256Map
25outbound (Holles Street to Hainault Street)279Map
260inbound (Golders Green Station to White City Bus Station)71Map
260outbound (White City Bus Station to Golders Green Station)74Map
261inbound (Princess Royal University Hospital to Molesworth Street)77Map
261outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Princess Royal University Hospital)68Map
262inbound (Stratford Bus Station to East Beckton / Sainsbury's)30Map
262outbound (East Beckton / Sainsbury's to Stratford Bus Station)32Map
263inbound (Barnet Hospital to Highbury Barn)120Map
263outbound (Highbury Hill to Barnet Hospital)125Map
264inbound (St George's Hospital to Croydon Flyover)76Map
264outbound (Katherine Street to St George's Hospital)70Map
265inbound (Tolworth / King Charles Road to Putney Bridge Station)52Map
265outbound (Putney Bridge Station to Roehampton Lane / Danebury Avenue)52Map
266inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Hammersmith Bus Station)77Map
266outbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)87Map
267inbound (Fulwell Station to Hammersmith Bus Station)118Map
267outbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Fulwell Bus Garage)118Map
268inbound (O2 Centre / Sainsbury's to Golders Green Station)54Map
268outbound (Golders Green Station to O2 Centre / Sainsbury's)47Map
269inbound (Bromley North Station to Friswell Place)49Map
269outbound (Market Place / Bexleyheath Clock Tower to Bromley North Station)55Map
26inbound (Waterloo Station / Waterloo Road to St Mary Of Eton Church)196Map
26outbound (St Mary Of Eton Church to Waterloo Station / Waterloo Road)189Map
270inbound (Three Kings Pond to Putney Bridge Station)88Map
270outbound (Putney Bridge Station to Madeira Road)90Map
271inbound (Finsbury Square to South Grove)101Map
271outbound (South Grove to Finsbury Square)97Map
272inbound (Shepherd's Bush Green to Cavendish Road)38Map
272outbound (Cavendish Road to Shepherd's Bush Station)36Map
273inbound (Station Square / Petts Wood Station to Conington Road)67Map
273outbound (Conington Road to Station Square / Petts Wood Station)64Map
274inbound (Lancaster Gate Station to Angel Islington / City Road)124Map
274outbound (Angel Islington to Lancaster Gate Station)130Map
275inbound (Barkingside Tesco to St James Street Station)42Map
275outbound (St James Street Station to Barkingside Tesco)42Map
276inbound (Stoke Newington Common to Gateway Surgical Centre)86Map
276outbound (Gateway Surgical Centre to Stoke Newington Common)93Map
277inbound (Nutmeg Lane to Highbury Corner)86Map
277outbound (St Paul's Road / Highbury Corner to Nutmeg Lane)77Map
279inbound (Manor House Station to Waltham Cross Bus Station)95Map
279outbound (Waltham Cross Bus Station to Manor House Station)95Map
27inbound (Chalk Farm / Morrisons to Chiswick Business Park)244Map
27outbound (Chiswick Business Park to Chalk Farm / Morrisons)242Map
280inbound (Belmont Station / Brighton Road to St George's Hospital)74Map
280outbound (St George's Hospital to Belmont Station / Brighton Road)78Map
281inbound (Hounslow Bus Station to Tolworth Tower)117Map
281outbound (Tolworth Tower to Hounslow Bus Station)105Map
282inbound (Mount Vernon Hospital to Ealing Hospital)45Map
282outbound (Ealing Hospital to Mount Vernon Hospital)45Map
283inbound (Barnes Pond to Barnes / Red Lion)61Map
283outbound (Brunel Road to Newport Road)52Map
284inbound (Grove Park Cemetery to Lewisham Police Station)52Map
284outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Grove Park Cemetery)56Map
285inbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to Heathrow Central Bus Station)73Map
285outbound (Heathrow Central Bus Station to Cromwell Road Bus Station)75Map
286inbound (Queen Mary's Hospital / 'B' Block to Greenwich Town Centre / Cutty Sark)73Map
286outbound (Greenwich Town Centre / Cutty Sark to Queen Mary's Hospital / Frognal Avenue)67Map
287inbound (Abbey Wood Lane to Barking Station)14Map
287outbound (Barking Station to Abbey Wood Lane)13Map
288inbound (Meadfield to Queensbury Morrisons)14Map
288outbound (Queensbury Morrisons to Meadfield)14Map
289inbound (Purley Station to Elmers End Interchange)62Map
289outbound (Elmers End Interchange to Purley Station)62Map
28inbound (Mapleton Road to Kensal Rise Station)118Map
28outbound (Station Terrace to Mapleton Crescent)128Map
290inbound (Arragon Road to Staines Bus Station)34Map
290outbound (Staines Bus Station to Arragon Road)35Map
291inbound (Garland Road Clinic to Queen Elizabeth Hospital / West Entrance)20Map
291outbound (Queen Elizabeth Hospital / West Entrance to Garland Road Clinic)17Map
292inbound (Colindale Asda to Rossington Avenue)50Map
292outbound (Wetherby Road to Colindale Asda)50Map
293inbound (Epsom Hospital to Morden Station)47Map
293outbound (London Road / Morden Station to Epsom Hospital)48Map
294inbound (Wincanton Road to Havering Park)36Map
294outbound (Havering Park to Wincanton Road)36Map
295inbound (Falcon Road / Grant Road to Kensal House)92Map
295outbound (Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury's to Clapham Junction Station / Falcon Road)79Map
296inbound (Roden Street to Romford Station)34Map
296outbound (Romford Station to Roden Street)34Map
297inbound (Haven Green / Ealing Broadway Station to Meyrick Road)49Map
297outbound (Pound Lane / Willesden Bus Garage to Ealing Broadway Station / Haven Green)46Map
298inbound (Cranborne Road Industrial Estate to Arnos Grove Station)29Map
298outbound (Arnos Grove Station to Cranborne Road Industrial Estate)29Map
299inbound (Cockfosters Station to Muswell Hill)28Map
299outbound (Queens Avenue to Cockfosters Station)27Map
29inbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Wood Green Station)129Map
29outbound (Lordship Lane to Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn)139Map
2inbound (Norwood Bus Garage to Marylebone Station)133Map
2outbound (Marylebone Station to Norwood Bus Garage)121Map
300inbound (Canning Town Bus Station to Wordsworth Health Centre)35Map
300outbound (Wordsworth Health Centre to Canning Town Station)40Map
302inbound (Kensal Rise Station to Mill Hill Broadway Station)32Map
302outbound (Mill Hill Broadway Station to Kensal Rise Station)35Map
303inbound (Colindale Asda to Edgware Station)17Map
303outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Colindale Asda)17Map
305inbound (Kingsbury Circle to Edgware Station)15Map
305outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Kingsbury Circle)16Map
307inbound (Barnet Hospital to Brimsdown Station)63Map
307outbound (Brimsdown Station to Barnet Hospital)62Map
308inbound (Lea Bridge Road / Upper Clapton Road to Woodbine Place)58Map
308outbound (Woodbine Place to Lea Bridge Roundabout)66Map
309inbound (Bonner Road to Canning Town Station)41Map
309outbound (Canning Town Bus Station to Bonner Road)40Map
30inbound (Hackney Wick / Trowbridge Road to Marble Arch Station)136Map
30outbound (Portman Street / Selfridges to Hackney Wick / Trowbridge Road)137Map
312inbound (Norwood Junction Station to South Croydon Bus Garage)58Map
312outbound (South Croydon Bus Garage to Norwood Junction Station)65Map
313outbound (Chingford Station to Dame Alice Owen's School)47Map
314inbound (New Addington Tram Stop to Eltham Bus Station)68Map
314outbound (Eltham Bus Station to Salcot Crescent)59Map
315inbound (Balham Station to Rothschild Street)24Map
315outbound (St Julian's Farm Road to Balham Station)27Map
316inbound (White City Bus Station to Longley Way)66Map
316outbound (Mora Road to White City Bus Station)63Map
317inbound (Little Park Gardens to Waltham Cross Bus Station)20Map
317outbound (Waltham Cross Bus Station to Little Park Gardens)18Map
318inbound (Stamford Hill Broadway to North Middlesex Hospital)50Map
318outbound (North Middlesex Hospital to Egerton Road)49Map
319inbound (Sloane Square Station to Telford Avenue)76Map
319outbound (Telford Avenue to Cadogan Gardens / Sloane Square)76Map
31inbound (White City Bus Station to Camden Town Station)96Map
31outbound (Bayham Street to White City Bus Station)106Map
320inbound (Thomas Lane to Biggin Hill Valley)100Map
320outbound (Biggin Hill Valley to Catford Bridge Station)98Map
321inbound (New Cross Sainsbury's to Foots Cray Tesco)77Map
321outbound (Foots Cray Tesco to New Cross Sainsbury's)79Map
322inbound (The Pavement to Crystal Palace Parade)84Map
322outbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to The Pavement)93Map
323inbound (Mile End Station / Bow Road to Canning Town Station)18Map
323outbound (Canning Town Bus Station to Mile End Station)16Map
324inbound (Tesco Brent Cross to Stanmore Station)23Map
324outbound (Stanmore Station to Tesco Brent Cross)23Map
325inbound (Prince Regent Bus Station to East Beckton / Sainsbury's)34Map
325outbound (East Beckton / Sainsbury's to Prince Regent Bus Station)32Map
326inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to The Spires)62Map
326outbound (The Spires to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)57Map
327inbound (Cocker Road to Waltham Cross Bus Station)11Map
327outbound (Waltham Cross Bus Station to Cocker Road)3Map
328inbound (Limerston Street to Golders Green Station)96Map
328outbound (Golders Green Station to Fulham Road / Chelsea & Westminster Hosp)103Map
329inbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Little Park Gardens)60Map
329outbound (Little Park Gardens to Turnpike Lane Station)66Map
32inbound (Kilburn Park Station to Edgware Station)51Map
32outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Kilburn Park Station)51Map
330inbound (Canning Town Station to Wanstead Park Station)38Map
330outbound (Wanstead Park Station to Canning Town Station)39Map
331inbound (Uxbridge Station to Ruislip Station)32Map
331outbound (Ruislip Station to Belmont Road)32Map
332inbound (Bishops Bridge to Brent Park Tesco)59Map
332outbound (Brent Park Tesco to Bishops Bridge)56Map
333inbound (Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway to Tooting Broadway Station)92Map
333outbound (Mitcham Road / Tooting Broadway Station to Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway)94Map
336inbound (Locksbottom / Pallant Way to Catford Bridge Station)65Map
336outbound (Thomas Lane to Locksbottom / Pallant Way)52Map
337inbound (Richmond Bus Station to Bolingbroke Grove)87Map
337outbound (Northcote Road to Richmond Bus Station)96Map
339inbound (Shadwell Station to Leytonstone Station / Grove Green Road)71Map
339outbound (Leytonstone Station / Grove Green Road to Shadwell Station)68Map
33inbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Fulwell Station)95Map
33outbound (Fulwell Station to Hammersmith Bus Station)92Map
340inbound (Harrow Bus Station to Edgware Station)46Map
340outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Harrow Bus Station)47Map
341inbound (Lower Marsh to Glover Drive / Tesco)196Map
341outbound (Glover Drive / Ikea to County Hall)196Map
343inbound (New Cross / Jerningham Road to City Hall)106Map
343outbound (City Hall to New Cross / Jerningham Road)101Map
344inbound (Primrose Street to Clapham Junction Station)167Map
344outbound (Clapham Junction Station to Appold Street)162Map
345inbound (Natural History Museum / Cromwell Road to Peckham Bus Station)107Map
345outbound (Peckham Bus Station to Natural History Museum / Cromwell Road)106Map
346inbound (Lexington Way to Upminster Station Forecourt)5Map
346outbound (Upminster Station / St Lawrence Road to Lexington Way)4Map
347inbound (Ockendon Station to Romford Station)36Map
347outbound (Romford Station to Ockendon Station)39Map
349inbound (Egerton Road to Glyn Road)73Map
349outbound (Glyn Road to Egerton Road)73Map
34inbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to Fitzjohn Avenue)51Map
34outbound (Barnet High Street / Barnet Church to Walthamstow Bus Station)52Map
350inbound (Heathrow Terminal 5 to Blyth Road)31Map
350outbound (Clarendon Road to Heathrow Terminal 5)28Map
352inbound (Bell Green / Sainsbury's to Bromley North Station)52Map
352outbound (Bromley North Station to Bell Green / Sainsbury's)46Map
353inbound (Selsdon Wood Nature Reserve to Ramsden Estate / Rye Crescent)39Map
353outbound (Ramsden Estate / Rye Crescent to Selsdon Wood Nature Reserve)42Map
354inbound (Bromley North Station to High Street / Maple Road)62Map
354outbound (High Street / Maple Road to Bromley North Station)59Map
355inbound (Brixton Road / Brixton Police Station to Madeira Road)93Map
355outbound (Three Kings Pond to Brixton Station)79Map
356inbound (Wickham Road to Sydenham Hill / Kirkdale)43Map
356outbound (Sydenham Hill / Kirkdale to Wickham Road)43Map
357inbound (Whipps Cross Hospital / A & E to Hatch Lane)41Map
357outbound (Chingdale Road to Whipps Cross / Wood Street)39Map
358inbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to Sevenoaks Road / Orpington War Memorial)116Map
358outbound (Orpington Bus Station to Crystal Palace Parade)117Map
359inbound (Addington Village Interchange to Purley High Street)14Map
359outbound (Purley / Downlands Precinct to Addington Village Interchange)20Map
35inbound (Shoreditch High Street Station to Clapham Junction Station / Falcon Road)164Map
35outbound (Falcon Road / Grant Road to Shoreditch)178Map
360inbound (Prince Consort Road to Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway)108Map
360outbound (Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway to Prince Consort Road / Imperial College)124Map
362inbound (King George Hospital to Manor Road / Grange Hill Station)5Map
362outbound (Manor Road to King George Hospital)6Map
363inbound (Elephant & Castle / London Road to Crystal Palace Parade)69Map
363outbound (Crystal Palace Parade to Lambeth Road)77Map
364inbound (Ballards Road to Hainault Street)27Map
364outbound (Hainault Street to Ballards Road)24Map
365inbound (Havering Park to South Street)29Map
365outbound (South Street to Havering Park)29Map
366inbound (Beckton Bus Station to Falmouth Gardens)27Map
366outbound (Falmouth Gardens to Beckton Bus Station)30Map
367inbound (Bromley North Station to West Croydon Bus Station)81Map
367outbound (Whitgift Centre to Bromley North Station)86Map
368inbound (Harts Lane Estate to Wangey Road)16Map
368outbound (Wangey Road to Harts Lane Estate)16Map
36inbound (New Cross Bus Garage to Queen's Park Station)150Map
36outbound (Claremont Road to New Cross Bus Garage)143Map
370inbound (Lakeside Bus Station to Mercury Gardens)48Map
370outbound (Mercury Gardens to Lakeside Bus Station)49Map
371inbound (Manor Road / Sainsbury's to Kingston Hall Road)63Map
371outbound (Kingston Hall Road to Manor Road / Sainsbury's)75Map
372inbound (Lakeside Bus Station to Hornchurch Town Centre)15Map
372outbound (Hornchurch Town Centre to Lakeside Bus Station)16Map
375inbound (Passingford Bridge to Romford Station)25Map
375outbound (Romford Station to Passingford Bridge)26Map
376inbound (Newham Town Hall to Beckton Bus Station)25Map
376outbound (Beckton Bus Station to Newham Town Hall)26Map
377inbound (Oakwood Station to Glyn Road)34Map
377outbound (Glyn Road to Oakwood Station)28Map
379inbound (Yardley Lane Estate to Chingford Station)14Map
379outbound (Chingford Station to Yardley Lane Estate)14Map
37inbound (Peckham Bus Station to Putney Heath / Green Man)133Map
37outbound (Putney Heath / Green Man to Peckham Bus Station)119Map
380inbound (Lewisham Centre to Belmarsh Prison)44Map
380outbound (Belmarsh Prison to Molesworth Street)44Map
381inbound (County Hall to Peckham Bus Station)137Map
381outbound (Peckham Bus Station to County Hall)134Map
382inbound (Royal Engineers Way to Southgate Station)31Map
382outbound (Southgate Station to Millbrook Park)31Map
383inbound (Woodside Park Station to The Spires)42Map
383outbound (The Spires to Woodside Park Station)39Map
384inbound (Cockfosters Station to Quinta Drive)34Map
384outbound (Quinta Drive to Cockfosters Station)29Map
385inbound (Salisbury Hall Sainsbury's to Chingford Station)32Map
385outbound (Chingford Station to Salisbury Hall Sainsbury's)30Map
386inbound (Royal Parade to Woolwich Arsenal Station)60Map
386outbound (Woolwich High Street to Royal Parade)68Map
387inbound (Barking Riverside to Chadwell Heath Lane)22Map
387outbound (Chadwell Heath Lane to Rivergate Centre)24Map
388inbound (Blackfriars Station to Stratford City Bus Station)126Map
388outbound (Stratford City Bus Station to Blackfriars Station)130Map
389inbound (Western Way to The Spires)19Map
389outbound (The Spires to Western Way)16Map
38inbound (Victoria Bus Station to Lea Bridge Roundabout)169Map
38outbound (Clapton Pond to Victoria Bus Station)164Map
390inbound (Palace Gardens Terrace to Archway Station / Macdonald Road)155Map
390outbound (Archway Station to Palace Gardens Terr / Notting Hill Gte)164Map
391inbound (Sands End / Sainsbury's to Richmond Bus Station)126Map
391outbound (George Street to Sands End / Sainsbury's)120Map
393inbound (Chalk Farm / Morrisons to Clapton Pond)110Map
393outbound (Clapton Pond to Chalk Farm / Morrisons)103Map
394inbound (Liverpool Road / Chapel Market to Homerton Hospital / Homerton Row)63Map
394outbound (Homerton Hospital / Wardle Street to Tolpuddle St / Islington Police Station)55Map
395inbound (Westway Cross Retail Park to Kymberley Road)23Map
395outbound (Harrow Bus Station to Westway Cross Retail Park)20Map
396inbound (Roden Street to King George Hospital)19Map
396outbound (King George Hospital to Roden Street)17Map
397inbound (Rectory Lane / Debden Station to Salisbury Hall Sainsbury's)45Map
397outbound (Salisbury Hall Sainsbury's to Burton Road)46Map
398inbound (Hemery Road to Ruislip Station)17Map
398outbound (Ruislip Station to Hemery Road)20Map
399inbound (Hadley Wood Station to The Spires)15Map
399outbound (The Spires to Hadley Wood Station)20Map
39inbound (Falcon Road / Grant Road to Putney Bridge Station)74Map
39outbound (Putney Bridge Station to Clapham Junction Station / Falcon Road)70Map
3inbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to Beak Street / Hamleys Toy Store)168Map
3outbound (Conduit Street to Crystal Palace)157Map
401inbound (Market Place / Bexleyheath Clock Tower to Picardy Manorway / Belvedere Station)22Map
401outbound (Thamesmead Town Centre to Picardy Manorway / Eastern Way)24Map
403inbound (Whitgift Centre to Warlingham / Sainsbury's)46Map
403outbound (Warlingham / Sainsbury's to West Croydon Bus Station)48Map
404inbound (Westway to Coulsdon Library)31Map
404outbound (Coulsdon Library to Westway)35Map
405inbound (Whitgift Centre to Redhill Bus Station)57Map
405outbound (Redhill Bus Station to West Croydon Bus Station)64Map
406inbound (Epsom Hospital to Cromwell Road Bus Station)61Map
406outbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to Ashley Road)74Map
407inbound (Caterham Valley to Sutton / Marshall's Road)120Map
407outbound (Sutton / Marshall's Road to Caterham Valley)107Map
40inbound (Fenchurch Street Station to Dulwich Library)128Map
40outbound (Dulwich / The Plough to Rood Lane)126Map
410inbound (Shotfield to Crystal Palace Parade)62Map
410outbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to Beddington Gardens)65Map
411inbound (Central Square to Cromwell Road Bus Station)39Map
411outbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to Central Square)36Map
412inbound (Whitgift Centre to Christchurch Road / Purley Hospital)58Map
412outbound (Purley / Downlands Precinct to West Croydon Bus Station)61Map
413inbound (London Road / Morden Station to Sutton Bus Garage)37Map
413outbound (Sutton Bus Garage to Morden Station)37Map
414inbound (Chippenham Road to Putney Bridge Station)100Map
414outbound (Putney Bridge Station to Chippenham Road)102Map
415inbound (Dunton Road to Tulse Hill Station)69Map
415outbound (Hardel Rise to Dunton Road)64Map
417inbound (Wingate Square to Crystal Palace Parade)30Map
417outbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to Omnibus Clapham)38Map
418inbound (Epsom Clock Tower to Cromwell Road Bus Station)45Map
418outbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to Clock Tower)57Map
419inbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Richmond Bus Station)39Map
419outbound (George Street to Hammersmith Bus Station)37Map
41inbound (Tottenham Hale Bus Station to Archway Station / Macdonald Road)71Map
41outbound (Archway Station / Junction Road to Tottenham Hale Bus Station)72Map
422inbound (Bexleyheath Bus Garage to North Greenwich Station)53Map
422outbound (North Greenwich Station to Bexleyheath Bus Garage)50Map
423inbound (Heathrow Terminal 5 to Hounslow Bus Station)26Map
423outbound (School Road to Heathrow Terminal 5)27Map
424inbound (Stevenage Road / Fulham Football Club to Putney Heath / Green Man)48Map
424outbound (Putney Heath / Green Man to Stevenage Road / Fulham Football Club)50Map
425inbound (Nightingale Road to Stratford Bus Station)65Map
425outbound (Stratford Bus Station to Kenninghall Road)86Map
427inbound (Acton Old Town Hall / Salisbury Street to Belmont Road)81Map
427outbound (Uxbridge Station to Acton Old Town Hall / Salisbury Street)84Map
428inbound (Bluewater Shopping Centre to Erith Town Centre / Riverside)57Map
428outbound (Erith Town Centre / Cross Street to Bluewater Shopping Centre)42Map
42inbound (Primrose Street to Sunray Avenue)100Map
42outbound (Sunray Avenue to Appold Street)106Map
430inbound (Natural History Museum / Cromwell Road to Minstead Gardens)78Map
430outbound (Danebury Avenue / Minstead Gardens to Natural History Museum / Cromwell Road)78Map
432inbound (Anerley Station to Brixton Station)57Map
432outbound (Brixton Road / Brixton Police Station to Jasmine Grove)55Map
433inbound (Whitgift Centre to Addington Village Interchange)16Map
433outbound (Addington Village Interchange to West Croydon Bus Station)19Map
434inbound (Well Farm Road to Ridgemount Avenue)24Map
434outbound (Ridgemount Avenue to Court Bushes Road)24Map
436inbound (Paddington Station to Molesworth Street)148Map
436outbound (Molesworth Street to Paddington Station / London Street)154Map
43inbound (London Bridge Station to Halliwick Park)191Map
43outbound (Halliwick Park to London Bridge Station)186Map
440inbound (Stonebridge Park Station to Power Road)49Map
440outbound (Power Road to Stonebridge Park Station)47Map
444inbound (Chingford Station to Turnpike Lane Bus Station)33Map
444outbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Chingford Station)34Map
44inbound (Mitcham Road / Tooting Station to Victoria Station / Grosvenor Gardens)96Map
44outbound (Grosvenor Gardens / Victoria to Tooting Station)102Map
450inbound (Bell Green / Sainsbury's to West Croydon Bus Station)75Map
450outbound (Bedford Hall to Bell Green / Sainsbury's)51Map
452inbound (Wandsworth Road Station to Kensal Rise Station)111Map
452outbound (Station Terrace to Wandsworth Road Station)117Map
453inbound (Great Central Street to Deptford Bridge)210Map
453outbound (Deptford Bridge to Great Central Street)217Map
455inbound (Wallington Station to Canons Hill)83Map
455outbound (Canons Hill to Wallington Station)92Map
45inbound (Poynders Road / Kings Avenue to King's Cross Station / York Way)146Map
45outbound (St Pancras International Station to Atkins Road / New Park Road)166Map
460inbound (North Finchley Bus Station to Pound Lane)54Map
460outbound (Pound Lane / Willesden Bus Garage to North Finchley Bus Station)55Map
462inbound (Hainault Street to The Lowe)31Map
462outbound (The Lowe to Hainault Street)33Map
463inbound (South Lodge Avenue / Yorkshire Road to Bramley Avenue)32Map
463outbound (Coulsdon South Station to Lyndhurst Road Nutfield Road)33Map
464inbound (New Addington Tram Stop to Tatsfield Village / Old Ship)7Map
464outbound (Tatsfield Village / Old Ship to New Addington Tram Stop)7Map
465inbound (Townfield Court to Cromwell Road Bus Station)82Map
465outbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to South Street / Rose Hill)81Map
466inbound (Westway to Taunton Lane)88Map
466outbound (Addington Village Interchange to Westway)83Map
467inbound (Epsom Hospital to Hinchley Wood School)55Map
467outbound (Hinchley Wood School to Ashley Road)60Map
469inbound (Erith Town Centre / Riverside to Queen Elizabeth Hospital / West Entrance)37Map
469outbound (Queen Elizabeth Hospital / West Entrance to Erith Town Centre / Riverside)36Map
46inbound (St Bartholomew's Hospital to Westbourne Street)149Map
46outbound (Lancaster Gate Station to St Bartholomew's Hospital)178Map
470inbound (Epsom Town Centre to Colliers Wood Station)61Map
470outbound (Colliers Wood Station to Clock Tower)66Map
472inbound (Thamesmead Town Centre to Anchor and Hope Lane)30Map
472outbound (North Greenwich Station to Thamesmead Town Centre)32Map
473inbound (Stratford Bus Station to North Woolwich Ferry)39Map
473outbound (North Woolwich Ferry to Stratford Bus Station)42Map
474inbound (Manor Park Station to Hermit Road)44Map
474outbound (Hermit Road to Manor Park Station)43Map
476inbound (Euston Station to Northumberland Park)133Map
476outbound (Northumberland Park to Euston Bus Station)143Map
47inbound (Shoreditch High Street Station to Catford Garage)184Map
47outbound (Newquay Road to Shoreditch)201Map
481inbound (West London Mental Health Trust to Cromwell Road Bus Station)63Map
481outbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to West London Mental Health Trust)60Map
482inbound (Heathrow Terminal 5 to Southall Town Hall)25Map
482outbound (Southall Broadway to Heathrow Terminal 5)24Map
484inbound (Denmark Hill / Camberwell Green to Lewisham Police Station)71Map
484outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Denmark Hill / Camberwell Green)71Map
485inbound (Ram Street to Hammersmith Bus Station)62Map
485outbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Ram Street)57Map
486inbound (Market Place / Bexleyheath Clock Tower to North Greenwich Station)65Map
486outbound (North Greenwich Station to Friswell Place)61Map
487inbound (Willesden Junction Station to South Harrow Bus Station)31Map
487outbound (South Harrow Bus Station to Willesden Junction Station)28Map
488inbound (Dalston Junction to Hancock Road)53Map
488outbound (Hancock Road to Kingsland Road / Forest Road)55Map
48inbound (London Bridge to Walthamstow Bus Station)130Map
48outbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to London Bridge)133Map
490inbound (Heathrow Terminal 5 to Pools on the Park)63Map
490outbound (Pools on the Park to Heathrow Terminal 5)66Map
491inbound (North Middlesex Hospital to Waltham Cross Bus Station)26Map
491outbound (Waltham Cross Bus Station to North Middlesex Hospital)26Map
492inbound (Bluewater Shopping Centre to Sidcup Station)68Map
492outbound (Sidcup Station to Bluewater Shopping Centre)55Map
493inbound (Manor Road / Sainsbury's to St George's / University Of London)88Map
493outbound (St George's / University Of London to Richmond / Manor Road)113Map
496inbound (Queen's Hospital to Harold Wood Station)33Map
496outbound (Harold Wood Station to Queen's Hospital)36Map
498inbound (Brentwood Sainsbury's to Queen's Hospital)37Map
498outbound (Queen's Hospital to Brentwood Sainsbury's)40Map
499inbound (Stansgate Road Shops to Gallows Corner / Tesco)24Map
499outbound (Gallows Corner / Tesco to Stansgate Road Shops)22Map
49inbound (White City Bus Station to Bolingbroke Grove)85Map
49outbound (Northcote Road to White City Bus Station)80Map
4inbound (Waterloo Station / Waterloo Road to Archway Station / Macdonald Road)219Map
4outbound (Archway Station / Junction Road to Waterloo Station / Waterloo Road)234Map
507inbound (Victoria Bus Station to Waterloo Station / Upper Taxi Road)65Map
507outbound (Waterloo Station / Upper Taxi Road to Victoria Bus Station)69Map
50inbound (Clapham Road / Stockwell Station to Croydon Flyover)81Map
50outbound (Croydon Library to Clapham Road / Stockwell Station)83Map
51inbound (Orpington Bus Station to Beresford Square / Woolwich Arsenal Stn)52Map
51outbound (Woolwich High Street to Orpington Station)58Map
521inbound (London Bridge Station to Waterloo Station / Mepham Street)133Map
521outbound (Waterloo Station / Tenison Way to London Bridge Station)127Map
52inbound (Pound Lane / Willesden Bus Garage to Victoria Bus Station)126Map
52outbound (Victoria Station to Pound Lane)123Map
53inbound (Whitehall / Horseguards Avenue to Griffin Road / Plumstead Station)158Map
53outbound (Orchard Road / Griffin Road to Horse Guards Parade)168Map
549inbound (Loughton Station to South Woodford Station)12Map
549outbound (South Woodford Station to Loughton Station)10Map
54inbound (Plumstead Road / Woolwich Public Market to Elmers End Interchange)108Map
54outbound (Elmers End Interchange to Plumstead Road / Burrage Road)109Map
55inbound (Holles Street to Leyton Green)172Map
55outbound (Lea Bridge Road / Bakers Arms to Oxford Circus)167Map
56inbound (St Bartholomew's Hospital to Whipps Cross Roundabout)110Map
56outbound (Whipps Cross Roundabout to St Bartholomew's Hospital)119Map
57inbound (Poynders Road / Kings Avenue to Fairfield Bus Station)113Map
57outbound (Fairfield Bus Station to Atkins Road / New Park Road)123Map
58inbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to East Ham / White Horse)54Map
58outbound (East Ham / White Horse to Walthamstow Bus Station)55Map
59inbound (Wharfdale Road / London Canal Museum to Streatham Hill / Telford Avenue)183Map
59outbound (Telford Avenue to King's Cross Station / York Way)162Map
5inbound (Canning Town Station to Romford Market)63Map
5outbound (Romford Market to Canning Town Station)64Map
601inbound (Wilmington Boys School to Thamesmead Town Centre)28Map
601outbound (Thamesmead Town Centre to Wilmington Hall School)28Map
602inbound (Townley Grammar School to Thamesmead Town Centre)35Map
602outbound (Thamesmead Town Centre to Townley Grammar School)31Map
603inbound (Swiss Cottage Station to Muswell Hill)62Map
603outbound (Princes Avenue to Swiss Cottage Station)51Map
605inbound (Marsh Hill / Marsh Lane to Mill Hill / The Rising Sun)27Map
605outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Totteridge & Whetstone Station)27Map
606inbound (The Totteridge Academy to Queensbury Station)41Map
606outbound (Queensbury Station to The Totteridge Academy)40Map
607inbound (White City Bus Station to Belmont Road)101Map
607outbound (Uxbridge Station to White City Bus Station)99Map
608inbound (Shenfield High School to Gallows Corner)25Map
608outbound (Gallows Corner to Shenfield High School)25Map
609inbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Mortlake Bus Station)25Map
609outbound (Harrodian School to Hammersmith Bus Station)17Map
60inbound (Streatham Station to Old Coulsdon / Tudor Rose)109Map
60outbound (Old Coulsdon / Tudor Rose to Streatham Station)114Map
611inbound (East Finchley Cemetery to Stonebridge Park Station)20Map
611outbound (Stonebridge Park Station to East Finchley Cemetery)17Map
612inbound (Wallington County Grammar School to Farley Road)21Map
612outbound (Selsdon Library to The Holt)25Map
613inbound (Glenthorne High School to Tolworth Station)43Map
613outbound (Tolworth Station to Glenthorne High School)38Map
616inbound (Edmonton Green Bus Station to Old Park Ridings)24Map
616outbound (Old Park Ridings to Edmonton Green Bus Station)24Map
617inbound (Turkey Street Station to Turnpike Lane Bus Station)10Map
617outbound (Turnpike Lane Bus Station to Turkey Street Station)11Map
618inbound (Raleigh Close to Mill Hill Broadway Station)44Map
618outbound (Mill Hill Broadway Station to Raleigh Close)45Map
619inbound (Raleigh Close to Edgware Bus Station)46Map
619outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Raleigh Close)47Map
61inbound (Bromley North Station to Green Lane / Belmont Lane)93Map
61outbound (Green Lane / Belmont Lane to Bromley North Station)94Map
621inbound (Bexley Road / Crown Woods School to Lewisham Police Station)29Map
621outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Bexley Road / Crown Woods School)30Map
624inbound (Bexley Road / Crown Woods School to Grove Park Station)34Map
624outbound (Grove Park Station to Welling Library)34Map
625inbound (Chislehurst War Memorial to Warwick Terrace / Plumstead Common Road)31Map
625outbound (Warwick Terrace / Plumstead Common Road to Chislehurst War Memorial)28Map
626inbound (Dame Alice Owen's School to Finchley Central Station)62Map
626outbound (Dollis Park / Finchley Central Station to Dame Alice Owen's School)64Map
627inbound (Woodcote Green to Worcester Park Station)52Map
627outbound (Worcester Park Station to Woodcote Green)52Map
628outbound (Jewish Free School to Southgate Station)30Map
629inbound (Turkey Street Station to Wood Green Bus Garage)47Map
629outbound (Haringey Civic Centre to Turkey Street Station)57Map
62inbound (Gascoigne Estate to Marks Gate / Billet Road)22Map
62outbound (Marks Gate / Billet Road to Gascoigne Estate)21Map
631inbound (Henrietta Barnett School to Golders Green Station)5Map
631outbound (Golders Green Station to Henrietta Barnett School)4Map
632inbound (Kilburn Park Station to South Mead)45Map
632outbound (South Mead to Kilburn Park Station)42Map
634inbound (Galley Lane to Muswell Hill)35Map
634outbound (Queens Avenue to Galley Lane)35Map
635inbound (Brentford County Court to St Paul's School)51Map
635outbound (St Paul's School to Brentford County Court)55Map
636outbound (Kemnal Technology College to Chinbrook Road / Baring Road)25Map
637outbound (Kemnal Technology College to Chinbrook Road / Baring Road)14Map
638inbound (Beaverwood Road to Beaverwood Road)79Map
638outbound (Addington Road / Glebe Way to Kemnal Technology College)84Map
639inbound (Prince Of Wales Drive to Minstead Gardens)72Map
639outbound (Danebury Avenue / Minstead Gardens to Prince Of Wales Drive)68Map
63inbound (St Pancras International Station to Bricklayer's Arms / New Kent Road)149Map
63outbound (Forest Hill Tavern to King's Cross Station / York Way)137Map
640inbound (Bentley Wood High School to South Harrow Bus Station)31Map
640outbound (South Harrow Station to Bentley Wood High School)35Map
641inbound (Broom Road / Teddington School to Central Square)39Map
641outbound (Central Square to Broom Road / Teddington School)38Map
642inbound (London Academy to West Hendon Broadway / Herbert Road)17Map
642outbound (West Hendon Broadway / Herbert Road to Spring Villa Road)18Map
643inbound (Christ's College to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)21Map
643outbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Christ's College)22Map
646inbound (Moor Lane to Wincanton Road)30Map
646outbound (Wincanton Road to Moor Lane)30Map
647inbound (Settle Road to Romford Station)18Map
647outbound (Romford Station to Settle Road)21Map
648inbound (Moor Lane to Romford Market)37Map
648outbound (Romford Market to Moor Lane)36Map
649inbound (Campion School to Cedar Road)28Map
649outbound (Romford Bus Garage to Campion School)28Map
64inbound (Vulcan Way to Thornton Heath Pond)35Map
64outbound (Thornton Heath Pond to Vulcan Way)29Map
650inbound (Emerson Park School to Cedar Road)28Map
650outbound (Romford Bus Garage to Emerson Park School)28Map
651inbound (Chase Cross to Romford Station)22Map
651outbound (Romford Station to Chase Cross)25Map
652inbound (Upminster Station / St Lawrence Road to Abbey Wood Lane)18Map
652outbound (Abbey Wood Lane to Upminster Station)21Map
653inbound (Jewish Free School to Muswell Hill)44Map
653outbound (Princes Avenue to Jewish Free School)44Map
654inbound (Quilter Road to Addington Village Interchange)34Map
654outbound (Addington Village Interchange to Eldred Drive)31Map
655inbound (Raynes Park High School to Mitcham Fair Green)29Map
655outbound (Raleigh Gardens to Raynes Park High School)27Map
656inbound (Gallows Corner / Tesco to Emerson Park School)8Map
656outbound (Emerson Park School to Gallows Corner / Tesco)8Map
657inbound (Bancroft's School to Salisbury Hall Sainsbury's)21Map
657outbound (Salisbury Hall Sainsbury's to Bancroft's School)21Map
658inbound (Woolwich Arsenal Station to University Of Greenwich / Mansion Site)17Map
658outbound (Bexley Road / Crown Woods School to Beresford Square / Woolwich Arsenal Stn)20Map
65inbound (Ealing Broadway Station to Brook Street)165Map
65outbound (Brook Street to Ealing Broadway Station)156Map
660inbound (Bexley Road / Crown Woods School to Catford Garage)33Map
660outbound (Newquay Road to Bexley Road / Crown Woods School)35Map
661inbound (Centre Common Road / War Memorial to Station Square / Petts Wood Station)29Map
661outbound (Station Square / Petts Wood Station to Centre Common Road / War Memorial)30Map
662inbound (Sandal Road / Holy Cross School to Claremont Road / Surbiton Station)26Map
662outbound (Surbiton Station to Sandal Road / Holy Cross School)25Map
663inbound (Regina Coeli School to Thornton Heath Station)15Map
663outbound (Thornton Heath Station to Regina Coeli School)14Map
664inbound (Homestead Way / Milne Park to Charles Darwin School)23Map
664outbound (Charles Darwin School to Homestead Way / Milne Park)22Map
665inbound (Sandal Road / Holy Cross School to Howard Road)15Map
665outbound (Berrylands Road to Sandal Road / Holy Cross School)14Map
667inbound (West Hatch School to Hainault Street)27Map
667outbound (Hainault Street to West Hatch School)24Map
669inbound (Cleeve Park School to Thamesmead Town Centre)35Map
669outbound (Thamesmead Town Centre to Bexley Lane / Cleeve Park School)39Map
66inbound (Leytonstone Station to Romford Station)40Map
66outbound (Romford Station to Leytonstone Station)39Map
670inbound (Prince Of Wales Drive to Minstead Gardens)65Map
670outbound (Danebury Avenue / Minstead Gardens to Prince Of Wales Drive)53Map
671inbound (Chessington South Station to Tiffin Girls School)52Map
671outbound (Tiffin Girls School to Chessington South Station)61Map
672outbound (Hawksmoor School to Beresford Square / Woolwich Arsenal Stn)9Map
673outbound (Pemberton Gardens to Beckton Bus Station)7Map
674inbound (Romford Station to Dagnam Park Square)12Map
674outbound (Dagnam Park Square to Romford Station)12Map
675inbound (Broadmead Road to St James Street Station)31Map
675outbound (St James Street Station to Broadmead Road)30Map
678inbound (Beckton Bus Station to Stratford Bus Station)54Map
678outbound (St George's Road to Beckton Bus Station)17Map
679inbound (Goodmayes Lane to St Thomas Of Canterbury Church)29Map
679outbound (Bancroft's School to Goodmayes Lane)34Map
67inbound (Mansell Street to Wood Green Station)120Map
67outbound (Lordship Lane to Aldgate East Station)117Map
681inbound (Broom Road / Teddington School to Hounslow Bus Station)59Map
681outbound (Hounslow Bus Station to Broom Road / Teddington School)62Map
683inbound (Jewish Free School to Colney Hatch Lane)42Map
683outbound (Colney Hatch Lane to Jewish Free School)42Map
685outbound (Tithepit Shaw Lane to Farley Road)13Map
686inbound (Romford Station to St Edward's School)22Map
686outbound (St Edward's School to Romford Market)20Map
687outbound (Ridgewell Close to Barking Station)11Map
688inbound (Jewish Free School to Southgate Station)38Map
688outbound (Southgate Station to Jewish Free School)39Map
689inbound (Glade Gardens to West Croydon Bus Station)34Map
689outbound (Poplar Walk to Glade Gardens)34Map
68inbound (Euston Station to West Norwood Station)154Map
68outbound (West Norwood Station to Euston Bus Station)149Map
690inbound (Burntwood School to Norwood Bus Garage)72Map
690outbound (St Julian's Farm Road to Burntwood School)65Map
691inbound (Lamberts Road / Hollyfield School to Tudor Drive)20Map
691outbound (Tudor Drive to Lamberts Road / Hollyfield School)39Map
692outbound (Dame Alice Owen's School to Green Dragon Lane)18Map
696inbound (Hume Way to Conway Drive)22Map
696outbound (Conway Drive to Hume Way)22Map
697inbound (Douay Martyrs School to Balmoral Drive)23Map
697outbound (Whittington Avenue to Ickenham Station)22Map
698inbound (Douay Martyrs School to West Drayton Station)36Map
698outbound (West Drayton Station to Ickenham Station)35Map
699inbound (Dame Alice Owen's School to Green Dragon Lane)18Map
699outbound (Green Dragon Lane to Dame Alice Owen's School)18Map
69inbound (Canning Town Bus Station to Walthamstow Bus Station)61Map
69outbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to Canning Town Station)57Map
6inbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to Pound Lane / Willesden Bus Garage)135Map
6outbound (Bertie Road to Aldwych / Drury Lane)123Map
70inbound (South Kensington Station to Acton Market Place)110Map
70outbound (Acton Market Place to Queensberry Place)104Map
71inbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to Chessington World Of Adventures)56Map
71outbound (Chessington World Of Adventures to Cromwell Road Bus Station)52Map
72inbound (Norley Vale to East Acton Industrial Estate)65Map
72outbound (Brunel Road to Norley Vale)63Map
73inbound (Stoke Newington Common to Victoria Bus Station)179Map
73outbound (Victoria Bus Station to Stoke Newington Common)181Map
74inbound (Baker Street Station to Putney Exchange)118Map
74outbound (Putney Bridge Road to Baker Street Station)114Map
75inbound (Park Lane / Fairfield Halls to Lewisham Police Station)105Map
75outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Fairfield Halls)96Map
76inbound (Baylis Road / Lower Marsh to Tottenham Hale Bus Station)217Map
76outbound (Tottenham Hale Bus Station to Lower Marsh)213Map
77inbound (Mitcham Road / Tooting Station to Waterloo Station)116Map
78inbound (St Mary's Road to Curtain Road)150Map
78outbound (Shoreditch High Street Station to St Mary's Road)131Map
79inbound (Edgware Bus Station to Glacier Way)37Map
79outbound (Alperton Sainsbury's to Edgware Station)36Map
7inbound (Oxford Circus Station / Harewood Place to Telford Way)77Map
7outbound (Brunel Road to Oxford Circus Station / John Lewis)71Map
80inbound (Reynolds Close to Downview and Highdown Prisons)35Map
80outbound (Downview and Highdown Prisons to Reynolds Close)38Map
81inbound (School Road to Slough Bus Station)42Map
81outbound (Slough Bus Station to Hounslow Bus Station)38Map
82inbound (Victoria Station to North Finchley Bus Station)116Map
82outbound (North Finchley Bus Station to Victoria Bus Station)112Map
83inbound (Ealing Hospital to Golders Green Station)92Map
83outbound (Golders Green Station to Ealing Hospital)91Map
85inbound (Putney Bridge Station to Kingston Hall Road)67Map
85outbound (Kingston Hall Road to Putney Bridge Station)65Map
86inbound (Romford Station to Stratford Bus Station)82Map
86outbound (Stratford Bus Station to Romford Station)86Map
87inbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to Wandsworth Plain)163Map
87outbound (Wandsworth Plain to Aldwych / Drury Lane)166Map
88inbound (The Pavement to Camden Gardens)201Map
88outbound (Camden Gardens to Clapham Common Old Town)189Map
89inbound (Forest Road / Slade Green Station to Lewisham Police Station)68Map
89outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Forest Road / Slade Green Station)67Map
8inbound (Tottenham Court Road Station to Bow Bus Garage)194Map
8outbound (Bow Church to Tottenham Court Road Station)170Map
90inbound (Feltham Leisure West to Northolt Station)38Map
90outbound (Northolt Station to Feltham Leisure West)39Map
91inbound (Northumberland Avenue / Trafalgar Square to Rosebery Gardens)147Map
91outbound (Tottenham Lane Y M C A to Whitehall / Trafalgar Square)145Map
92inbound (Ikea Brent Park / Panther Drive to Ealing Hospital)50Map
92outbound (Ealing Hospital to Ikea Brent Park)51Map
93inbound (Putney Bridge Station to Chalgrove Avenue)82Map
93outbound (Priory Road to Putney Bridge Station)80Map
94inbound (Charles I I Street to Acton Green)120Map
94outbound (Acton Green to Charles I I Street)130Map
95inbound (Shepherd's Bush Station to Southall Town Hall)33Map
95outbound (Southall Broadway to Shepherd's Bush Green)31Map
965inbound (Sury Basin to Riverhill)54Map
965outbound (Riverhill to Sury Basin)43Map
969inbound (Roehampton Vale / Asda to Lincoln Avenue Meadway)82Map
969outbound (Whitton Gladstone Avenue to Roehampton Vale / Asda)84Map
96inbound (Thomas Street / Greens End to Bluewater Shopping Centre)80Map
96outbound (Bluewater Shopping Centre to Thomas Street)90Map
97inbound (Stratford City Bus Station to Chingford Station)87Map
97outbound (Chingford Station to Stratford City Bus Station)87Map
98inbound (Russell Square Station to Pound Lane)112Map
98outbound (Pound Lane / Willesden Bus Garage to Russell Square Station)103Map
99inbound (Mayplace Rd West / Bexleyheath Clock Twr to Beresford Square / Woolwich Arsenal Stn)32Map
99outbound (Woolwich High Street to Geddes Place)44Map
9inbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Aldwych / Drury Lane)155Map
9outbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to Hammersmith Bus Station)163Map
a10inbound (Heathrow Central Bus Station to Belmont Road)18Map
a10outbound (Uxbridge Station to Heathrow Central Bus Station)20Map
b11inbound (Central Way / Thamesmead Town Centre to Bexleyheath Bus Garage)24Map
b11outbound (Bexleyheath Bus Garage to Brampton Road St Andrews Church)27Map
b12inbound (St Mary's Road to Erith Town Centre / Riverside)38Map
b12outbound (Erith Town Centre / Riverside to St Mary's Road)34Map
b13inbound (New Eltham Station / Southwood Road to Friswell Place)21Map
b13outbound (Market Place / Bexleyheath Clock Tower to New Eltham Station / Southwood Road)24Map
b14inbound (Orpington Bus Station to Friswell Place)52Map
b14outbound (Market Place / Bexleyheath Clock Tower to Orpington Station)54Map
b15inbound (Horncastle Road to Friswell Place)43Map
b15outbound (Market Place / Bexleyheath Clock Tower to Horncastle Road)43Map
b16inbound (Kidbrooke Station / Tudway Road to Bexleyheath Bus Garage)52Map
b16outbound (Bexleyheath Bus Garage to Kidbrooke Station / Tudway Road)53Map
c10inbound (Grosvenor Gardens / Victoria to Canada Water Bus Station)124Map
c10outbound (Canada Water Bus Station to Victoria Station / Grosvenor Gardens)132Map
c11inbound (Brent Cross Shopping Centre to Archway Station / Macdonald Road)74Map
c11outbound (Archway Station / Junction Road to Brent Cross Shopping Centre)84Map
c1inbound (White City Bus Station to Victoria Station / Grosvenor Gardens)77Map
c1outbound (Grosvenor Gardens / Victoria to White City Bus Station)77Map
c2inbound (Grosvenor Gardens to Parliament Hill Fields)152Map
c2outbound (Parliament Hill Fields to Victoria Station)151Map
c3inbound (West Cromwell Road to Clapham Junction Station / Falcon Road)33Map
c3outbound (Falcon Road / Grant Road to Warwick Road Tesco)28Map
d3inbound (Crossharbour Asda to Bonner Road)120Map
d3outbound (Bonner Road to Isle Of Dogs Asda)116Map
d6inbound (Crossharbour Asda to Mare Street / Victoria Park Road)62Map
d6outbound (St Joseph's Hospice to Isle Of Dogs Asda)62Map
d7inbound (Mile End Station / Bow Road to Poplar / All Saints Church)72Map
d7outbound (Poplar / All Saints Church to Mile End Station)74Map
d8inbound (Crossharbour Asda to Stratford International Station)74Map
d8outbound (Stratford International Station to Isle Of Dogs Asda)69Map
e10inbound (Haven Green / Ealing Broadway Station to Islip Manor Road)19Map
e10outbound (Islip Manor Road to Ealing Broadway Station / Haven Green)22Map
e11inbound (The Common / Warwick Dene to Clifton Road)38Map
e11outbound (Clifton Road to The Common / Warwick Dene)37Map
e1inbound (Haven Green / Ealing Broadway Station to Clifton Road)9Map
e1outbound (Clifton Road to Haven Green / Ealing Broadway Station)11Map
e2inbound (Clifton Road to Brentford Bus Depot)59Map
e2outbound (Commerce Road / Brentford Lock to Clifton Road)59Map
e3inbound (Edensor Road / New Chiswick Pool to Clifton Road)76Map
e3outbound (Clifton Road to Edensor Road / New Chiswick Pool)79Map
e5inbound (Perivale Tesco to Toplocks Estate / Glade Lane)24Map
e5outbound (Toplocks Estate / Glade Lane to Perivale Tesco)20Map
e6inbound (Bulls Bridge Tesco to Greenford Station)19Map
e6outbound (Rockware Avenue / Greenford Station to Bulls Bridge Tesco)20Map
e7inbound (Ealing Broadway Station to Ruislip Rugby Football Club)34Map
e7outbound (Ruislip Station to Grosvenor Vale)33Map
e8inbound (Ealing Broadway Station to Brentford Bus Depot)61Map
e8outbound (Commerce Road / Brentford Lock to Ealing Broadway Station / Haven Green)66Map
e9inbound (Haven Green / Ealing Broadway Station to Welbeck Avenue)20Map
e9outbound (Welbeck Avenue to Ealing Broadway Station / Haven Green)20Map
el1inbound (Barking Riverside to Ilford Hill)26Map
el1outbound (Ilford Hill to Rivergate Centre)25Map
el2inbound (Dagenham Dock Terminus to Ilford Hill)23Map
el2outbound (Ilford Hill to Dagenham Dock Terminus)22Map
g1inbound (Shaftesbury Estate / Wickersley Road to Hermitage Lane)91Map
g1outbound (Hermitage Lane to Shaftesbury Estate / Wickersley Road)94Map
h10outbound (Harrow Bus Station to Harrow Bus Station)35Map
h11inbound (Mount Vernon Hospital to Harrow Bus Station)34Map
h11outbound (Harrow Bus Station to Mount Vernon Hospital)30Map
h12inbound (South Harrow Bus Station to Stanmore Station)38Map
h12outbound (Stanmore Station to South Harrow Bus Station)41Map
h13inbound (Ruislip Lido to St Vincent's Nursing Home)28Map
h13outbound (St Vincent's Nursing Home to Ruislip Lido)29Map
h14inbound (Northwick Park Hospital to St Thomas' Drive)13Map
h14outbound (St Thomas' Drive to Northwick Park Hospital)13Map
h17inbound (Wembley Central Station to Harrow Bus Station)22Map
h17outbound (Harrow Bus Station to Wembley Central Station)22Map
h18outbound (Harrow Bus Station to Harrow Bus Station)33Map
h19outbound (Harrow Bus Station to Harrow Bus Station)32Map
h20inbound (Twickenham Tesco to Hounslow Civic Centre)25Map
h20outbound (Hounslow Civic Centre to Twickenham Tesco)24Map
h22inbound (Manor Circus to Bell Road / Bell Corner)70Map
h22outbound (The Bell to Manor Road)63Map
h25inbound (Hatton Cross Station to Churchfields Avenue)22Map
h25outbound (Churchfields Avenue to Hatton Cross Station)20Map
h26inbound (Hatton Cross Station to Central Parade)14Map
h26outbound (Central Parade to Hatton Cross Station)14Map
h28inbound (Tesco Osterley to Bulls Bridge Tesco)25Map
h28outbound (Bulls Bridge Tesco to Tesco Osterley)25Map
h2outbound (Golders Green Station to Golders Green Station)8Map
h32inbound (Southall Broadway to Hounslow Bus Station)27Map
h32outbound (School Road to Southall Town Hall)35Map
h37inbound (Manor Circus to Hounslow / Blenheim Centre)53Map
h37outbound (Hounslow / Blenheim Centre to Manor Road)51Map
h3inbound (Hill Top to Golders Green Station)17Map
h3outbound (Golders Green Station to Hill Top)16Map
h91inbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Hounslow West Station)70Map
h91outbound (Hounslow West Station to Hammersmith Bus Station)74Map
h98inbound (Wood End Green Road to Hounslow Bus Station)40Map
h98outbound (School Road to Wood End Green Road)43Map
h9outbound (Harrow Bus Station to Harrow Bus Station)40Map
k1inbound (Cromwell Road Bus Station to Malvern Road)57Map
k1outbound (New Malden Station to Cromwell Road Bus Station)53Map
k2inbound (Hook Parade to Station Road)49Map
k2outbound (Kingston Hospital to Hook Parade)50Map
k3inbound (Esher High Street to Station Road)67Map
k3outbound (Roehampton Vale / Asda to Esher High Street)70Map
k4inbound (Ripon Gardens to Station Road)62Map
k4outbound (Kingston Hospital to Ripon Gardens)60Map
k5inbound (Morden Station to Beaufort Road)59Map
k5outbound (Dysart Avenue to Cromwell Road Bus Station)68Map
n109inbound (Oxford Circus Station / Margaret Street to Park Street)201Map
n109outbound (Croydon Library to Oxford Circus)220Map
n113inbound (Trafalgar Square to Edgware Station)121Map
n113outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Northumberland Avenue / Trafalgar Square)130Map
n11inbound (All Hallows Church to Ealing Broadway Station / Haven Green)342Map
n11outbound (Ealing Broadway Station to Eldon Street / Liverpool Street Station)349Map
n133inbound (Wormwood Street to Morden Station)184Map
n133outbound (Morden Station to Wormwood Street)189Map
n136inbound (Chislehurst War Memorial to Oxford Circus)292Map
n136outbound (Oxford Circus Station / Margaret Street to Chislehurst War Memorial)270Map
n137inbound (John Prince's Street / Oxford Circus to Crystal Palace Parade)110Map
n137outbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to John Prince's Street / Oxford Circus)112Map
n13inbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to North Finchley Bus Station)165Map
n13outbound (North Finchley Bus Station to Aldwych / Drury Lane)162Map
n155inbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to Morden Station)198Map
n155outbound (Morden Station to Aldwych / Drury Lane)202Map
n15inbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Romford Market)233Map
n15outbound (Romford Market to Charing Cross Station)246Map
n16inbound (Edgware Bus Station to Victoria Bus Station)92Map
n16outbound (Victoria Station to Edgware Station)98Map
n171inbound (New Oxford Street to Springbank Road / Hither Green Station)210Map
n171outbound (Springbank Road / Hither Green Station to Tottenham Court Road)196Map
n18inbound (Trafalgar Square to Long Elmes)184Map
n18outbound (Harrow Weald Bus Garage to Whitehall / Trafalgar Square)198Map
n199inbound (St Mary Cray Station to Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn)360Map
n199outbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to St Mary Cray Station)371Map
n19inbound (Clapham Junction Station to Finsbury Park Interchange)218Map
n19outbound (Finsbury Park Interchange to Clapham Junction Station)232Map
n1inbound (Titmuss Avenue to Tottenham Court Road)165Map
n1outbound (New Oxford Street to Titmuss Avenue)189Map
n205inbound (Drapers Field to Cleveland Terrace)280Map
n205outbound (Cleveland Terrace to Drapers Field)259Map
n207inbound (New Oxford Street / High Holborn to Belmont Road)200Map
n207outbound (Uxbridge Station to Bloomsbury Square)203Map
n20inbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Fitzjohn Avenue)212Map
n20outbound (Barnet High Street / Barnet Church to Whitehall / Trafalgar Square)220Map
n21inbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Geddes Place)266Map
n21outbound (Market Place / Bexleyheath Clock Tower to Charing Cross Station)260Map
n22inbound (Piccadilly Circus to South Road / Fulwell)169Map
n22outbound (South Road / Fulwell to Piccadilly Circus)162Map
n253inbound (Tottenham Court Road Station to Leman Street / Aldgate East Station)166Map
n253outbound (Mansell Street to New Oxford Street)172Map
n26inbound (Chingford Station to Charing Cross Station)254Map
n26outbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Chingford Station)260Map
n279inbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Waltham Cross Bus Station)200Map
n279outbound (Waltham Cross Bus Station to Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn)208Map
n28inbound (Mapleton Road to Camden Town Station)161Map
n28outbound (Bayham Street to Mapleton Crescent)197Map
n29inbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Little Park Gardens)179Map
n29outbound (Little Park Gardens to Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn)193Map
n2inbound (Whitehall / Trafalgar Square to Crystal Palace Parade)137Map
n2outbound (Crystal Palace Bus Station to Horse Guards Parade)149Map
n31inbound (Clapham Junction Station to Camden Town Station)137Map
n31outbound (Bayham Street to Clapham Junction Station)173Map
n343inbound (New Cross Bus Garage to Whitehall / Trafalgar Square)174Map
n343outbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to New Cross / Jerningham Road)184Map
n381inbound (Whitehall / Horseguards Avenue to Peckham Bus Station)171Map
n381outbound (Peckham Bus Station to Horse Guards Parade)168Map
n38inbound (Victoria Bus Station to Walthamstow Bus Station)190Map
n38outbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to Victoria Bus Station)187Map
n3inbound (Bromley North Station to Margaret Street / Oxford Circus)249Map
n3outbound (Oxford Circus Station / Margaret Street to Bromley North Station)245Map
n44inbound (Sutton Station / The Quadrant to Aldwych / Drury Lane)237Map
n44outbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to Sutton Station / The Quadrant)231Map
n550inbound (Canning Town Bus Station to Trafalgar Square)236Map
n550outbound (Trafalgar Square to Canning Town Station)227Map
n551inbound (Gallions Reach Shopping Park to Trafalgar Square)197Map
n551outbound (Trafalgar Square to Gallions Reach Shopping Park)215Map
n55inbound (Holles Street to St Thomas Of Canterbury Church)203Map
n55outbound (St Thomas Of Canterbury Church to Oxford Circus)198Map
n5inbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Edgware Station)196Map
n5outbound (Edgware Bus Station to Whitehall / Trafalgar Square)207Map
n63inbound (St Pancras International Station to Crystal Palace Parade)157Map
n63outbound (Crystal Palace Parade to King's Cross Station / York Way)144Map
n68inbound (New Oxford Street to Old Coulsdon / Tudor Rose)242Map
n68outbound (Old Coulsdon / Tudor Rose to Drury Lane)228Map
n73inbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to Victoria Bus Station)245Map
n73outbound (Victoria Bus Station to Walthamstow Bus Station)244Map
n74inbound (Baker Street Station to Minstead Gardens)146Map
n74outbound (Danebury Avenue / Minstead Gardens to Baker Street Station)144Map
n7inbound (Oxford Circus Station / Harewood Place to Northolt Station)137Map
n7outbound (Northolt Station to Oxford Circus Station / John Lewis)133Map
n86inbound (Dagnam Park Square to Stratford Bus Station)94Map
n86outbound (Stratford Bus Station to Dagnam Park Square)99Map
n87inbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to Fairfield Bus Station)239Map
n87outbound (Fairfield Bus Station to Aldwych / Drury Lane)256Map
n89inbound (Erith Town Centre / Cross Street to Charing Cross Station)268Map
n89outbound (Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn to Erith Town Centre / Riverside)267Map
n8inbound (Holles Street to The Lowe)257Map
n8outbound (The Lowe to Holles Street)255Map
n91inbound (Northumberland Avenue / Trafalgar Square to Cockfosters Station)203Map
n91outbound (Cockfosters Station to Whitehall / Trafalgar Square)204Map
n97inbound (Northumberland Avenue / Trafalgar Square to Hammersmith Bus Station)130Map
n97outbound (Hammersmith Bus Station to Whitehall / Trafalgar Square)124Map
n98inbound (Russell Square Station to Stanmore Station)130Map
n98outbound (Stanmore Station to Russell Square Station)122Map
n9inbound (Heathrow Terminal 5 to Aldwych / Drury Lane)291Map
n9outbound (Aldwych / Somerset House to Heathrow Terminal 5)302Map
p12inbound (Brockley Rise / Chandos to Surrey Quays Shopping Centre)105Map
p12outbound (Surrey Quays Shopping Centre to Brockley Rise / Chandos)96Map
p13inbound (New Cross Sainsbury's to Streatham Station)89Map
p13outbound (Streatham Station to New Cross Sainsbury's)90Map
p4inbound (Brixton Station to Lewisham Police Station)95Map
p4outbound (Lewisham Police Station to Brixton Station)93Map
p5inbound (Patmore Estate / Drury House to Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway)77Map
p5outbound (Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway to Patmore Estate / Drury House)80Map
r10inbound (High Street / Green Street Green to Sevenoaks Road / Orpington War Memorial)33Map
r10outbound (Orpington Bus Station to High Street / Green Street Green)15Map
r11inbound (High Street / Green Street Green to Sidcup / Queen Mary's Hospital)31Map
r11outbound (Sidcup / Queen Mary's Hospital to High Street / Worlds End Lane)30Map
r1inbound (High Street / Green Street Green to Grovelands Road)35Map
r1outbound (Grovelands Road to High Street / Worlds End Lane)35Map
r2inbound (Melody Road Biggin Hill Valley to Station Square / Petts Wood Station)64Map
r2outbound (Station Square / Petts Wood Station to Melody Road Biggin Hill Valley)64Map
r3inbound (Chelsfield VillageFive Bells to Crescent Drive)74Map
r3outbound (Princess Royal University Hospital to Chelsfield VillageFive Bells)70Map
r4inbound (Princess Royal University Hospital to Augustine Road)42Map
r4outbound (Augustine Road to Princess Royal University Hospital)42Map
r5inbound (High Street / Green Street Green to Sevenoaks Road / Orpington War Memorial)33Map
r5outbound (Orpington Bus Station to High Street / Green Street Green)15Map
r68inbound (Hampton Court Station to Kew Retail Park)87Map
r68outbound (Kew Retail Park to Hampton Court Station)90Map
r6inbound (St Mary Cray / Station Approach to Sweeps Lane)35Map
r6outbound (Orpington Bus Station to St Mary Cray / Station Approach)34Map
r70inbound (Manor Road / Sainsbury's to Nurserylands Shopping Centre)54Map
r70outbound (Nurserylands Shopping Centre to Richmond / Manor Road)55Map
r7inbound (Aquila Estate to Orpington Police Station)34Map
r7outbound (Orpington Police Station to Aquila Estate)31Map
r8inbound (Charles Darwin School to Charles Darwin School)29Map
r8outbound (Orpington Bus Station to Charles Darwin School)31Map
r9inbound (Tintagel Road / Gillmans Road to Spur Road / Orpington War Memorial)12Map
r9outbound (Orpington Bus Station to Tubbenden Lane)12Map
rv1inbound (Tower Gateway Station to Covent Garden / Catherine Street)125Map
rv1outbound (Covent Garden / Catherine Street to Tower Gateway Station)137Map
s1inbound (Victoria Road / Lavender Fields to Banstead / Marks & Spencer)59Map
s1outbound (Banstead / Marks & Spencer to Victoria Road / Lavender Fields)61Map
s3inbound (Malden Manor Station to Sutton Hospital)39Map
s3outbound (Sutton Hospital to Malden Manor Station)42Map
s4inbound (St Helier Station to Wilson's School)32Map
s4outbound (Wilson's School to St Helier Station)42Map
u10inbound (Glenhurst Avenue to Belmont Road)21Map
u10outbound (Uxbridge Station to Glenhurst Avenue)25Map
u1inbound (West Drayton Station to Ruislip Station)43Map
u1outbound (Ruislip Station to West Drayton Station)43Map
u2inbound (Uxbridge Station to Richmond Avenue)13Map
u2outbound (Brunel University to Grosvenor Crescent)12Map
u3inbound (Heathrow Central Bus Station to Belmont Road)39Map
u3outbound (Uxbridge Station to Heathrow Central Bus Station)44Map
u4inbound (Uxbridge Station to Prologis Park)28Map
u4outbound (Prologis Park to Belmont Road)25Map
u5inbound (Millington Road to Belmont Road)39Map
u5outbound (Uxbridge Station to Fairey Corner)43Map
u7inbound (Lombardy Retail Park to Belmont Road)19Map
u7outbound (Uxbridge Station to Lombardy Retail Park)21Map
u9inbound (Harefield Hospital to Belmont Road)12Map
u9outbound (Uxbridge Station to Harefield Hospital)16Map
w10inbound (Enfield Town / Church Street to Golf Ride)13Map
w10outbound (Golf Ride to Enfield Town / Cecil Road)10Map
w11inbound (Walthamstow Bus Station to Chingford Hall Estate)11Map
w11outbound (Chingford Hall Estate to Walthamstow Bus Station)10Map
w12inbound (Woodbine Place to Rensburg Road)43Map
w12outbound (Rensburg Road to Woodbine Place)32Map
w13inbound (St Thomas Of Canterbury Church to Leytonstone Station)35Map
w13outbound (Leytonstone Station to St Thomas Of Canterbury Church)39Map
w14inbound (Leyton Mills to Cross Road)37Map
w14outbound (Cross Road to Leyton Mills)45Map
w15inbound (Morning Lane / Trelawney Estate to Higham Hill / Cogan Avenue)50Map
w15outbound (William Morris School to Hackney Town Hall)51Map
w16inbound (Leytonstone Station / Grove Green Road to Chingford Mount)36Map
w16outbound (Chingford Mount to Leytonstone Station / Grove Green Road)34Map
w19inbound (Hainault Street to Argall Avenue)51Map
w19outbound (Staffa Road to Hainault Street)52Map
w3inbound (Finsbury Park Station to Northumberland Park Bus Stand)43Map
w3outbound (Northumberland Park to Finsbury Park Station)44Map
w4inbound (Ferry Lane Primary School to Mitchell Road)73Map
w4outbound (Ulster Gardens to Ferry Lane Primary School)70Map
w5inbound (Harringay Sainsbury's to Archway Station / Macdonald Road)21Map
w5outbound (Archway Station / Junction Road to Harringay Sainsbury's)30Map
w6inbound (Edmonton Green Bus Station to Southgate Station)22Map
w6outbound (Southgate Station to Edmonton Green Bus Station)21Map
w7inbound (Finsbury Park Station to Muswell Hill Broadway)20Map
w7outbound (Muswell Hill Broadway to Finsbury Park Station)22Map
w8inbound (Picketts Lock Centre to Harefield Close)35Map
w8outbound (Chase Farm Hospital to Picketts Lock Centre)37Map
w9inbound (Southgate Station to Harefield Close)30Map
w9outbound (Chase Farm Hospital to Southgate Station)32Map
x26inbound (Whitgift Centre to Heathrow Central Bus Station)155Map
x26outbound (Heathrow Central Bus Station to Whitgift Centre)159Map
x68inbound (Southampton Row to St Mary's Church / West Croydon)153Map
x68outbound (Delta Point to Russell Square)149Map