RouteNo. of PortalsLink to GMap
1 (54th-City to Parx Casino)14Map
1 (Parx Casino To 54th-City)24Map
12 (50th-Woodland to Columbus-Dock)96Map
12 (Columbus-Dock to 50th-Woodland)96Map
14 (Frankford Transportation Center to Oxford Valley and Neshaminy Malls)5Map
14 (Oxford Valley and Neshaminy Malls to Frankford Transportation Center)6Map
16 (Cheltenham-Ogontz to City Hall)76Map
16 (City Hall to Chelteham-Ogontz)37Map
17 (20th-Johnston and Broad-Pattison to Front-Market)67Map
17 (Front-Market to 20th-Johnston and Broad Pattison)121Map
18 (Cedarbrook Plaza to Fox Chase)5Map
18 (Fox Chase to Cedarbrook Plaza)7Map
18 Express (Cedarbrook Plaza to Fox Chase)5Map
18 Express (Fox Chase to Cedarbrook Plaza)5Map
19 (Frankford Transportation Center to Torresdale Station)9Map
19 (Torresdale Station to Frankford Transportation Center)15Map
2 (20th-Johnson to Pulaski-Hunting Park)58Map
2 (Pulaski-Hunting Park to 20th-Johnston)94Map
20 (Frankford Transportation Center to Philadelphia Mills)8Map
20 (Philadelphia Mills to Frankford Transportation Center)7Map
20 Express (Frankford Transportation Center to Philadelphia Mills)6Map
20 Express (Philadelphia Mills to Frankford Transportation Center)5Map
21 (69th Street Transportation Center to Penn's Landing)168Map
21 (Penn's Landing to 69th Street Transportation Center170Map
22 (Olney Transportation Center to Warminster and Willow Grove)44Map
22 (Warminster and Willow Grove to Olney Transportation Center)43Map
23 (Center City to Chestnut Hill)7Map
23 (Chestnut Hill to Center City)8Map
24 (Frankford Transportation Center to Southampton and Rockledge)34Map
24 (Southampton and Rockledge to Frankford Transportation Center)32Map
25 (Columbus Commons to Frankford transportation Center)87Map
25 (Frankford Transportation Center to Columbus Commons)76Map
26 (Chelten Ave Station to Frankford Transportation Center)31Map
26 (Frankford Transportation Center to Chelten Ave Station)31Map
27 (Broad-Carpenter to Plymouth Meeting Mall)126Map
27 (Plymouth Meeting Mall to Broad-Carpenter)130Map
28 (Fern Rock Transportation Center to Torresdale-Cottman)51Map
28 (Torresdale-Cottman to Fern Rock Transportation Center)51Map
29 (33rd-Dickinson to Pier 70)18Map
29 (Pier 70 to 33rd-Dickinson)25Map
3 (33rd-Cecil B. Moore to Frankford Transportation Center)112Map
3 (Frankford Transportation Center to 33rd-Cecil B. Moore)111Map
30 (69th Street Transportation Center to Amtrak 30th Street Station)86Map
30 (Amtrak 30th Street Station to 69th Street Transportation Center)94Map
31 (76th-City to City Hall)129Map
31 (City Hall to 76th-City)166Map
32 (Broad-Carpenter to Ridge-Lyceum)146Map
32 (Ridge-Lyceum to Broad-Carpenter)135Map
33 (23rd-Venango to Penn's Landing)92Map
33 (Penn's Landing to 23rd-Venango)113Map
35 (Manayunk Roxborough Loop)81Map
37 (Broad-Snyder to Chester Transportation Center)22Map
37 (Chester Transportation Center to Broad-Snyder)20Map
38 (5th-Market to Wissahickon Transportation Center)132Map
38 (Wissahickon Transportation Center to 5th-Market)140Map
39 (33rd-Dauphin to Richmond-Cumberland)49Map
39 (Richmond-Cumberland to 33rd-Dauphi)34Map
40 (2nd-Lombard to Conshohocken-Monument)113Map
40 (Conshohocken-Monument to 2nd-Lombard)136Map
42 (Penn's Landing to Wycombe or 61st-Pine)159Map
42 (Wycombe or 61st-Pine to Penn's Landing)158Map
43 (50th-Parkside to Richmond-Cumberland)96Map
43 (Richmond-Cumberland to 50th-Parkside)103Map
44 (5th-Market to Ardmore)132Map
44 (Ardmore to 5th-Market)123Map
5 (Frankford Transportation Center to Front-Market)147Map
5 (Front-Market to Frankford Transportation Center)147Map
58 (Frankford Transportation Center to Neshaminy Mall and Somerton)34Map
58 (Neshaminy Mall and Somerton to Frankford Transportation Center)33Map
6 (Cheltenham-Ogontz to Olney Transportation Center)14Map
6 (Olney Transportation Center to Cheltenham-Ogontz)13Map
7 (33rd-Dauphin to Pier 70)69Map
7 (Pier 70 to 33rd-Dauphin)81Map
8 (Frankford Transportation Center to Olney Transportation Center)3Map
8 (Olney Transportation Center to Frankford Transportation Center)3Map
9 (4th-Walnut to Andorra)210Map
9 (Andorra to 4th-Walnut)142Map
97 (Chestnut Hill to Norristown Transportation Center)23Map
L (Erdenheim or Plymouth Meeting Mall to Olney Transportation Center)47Map