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Debian Maintainers Package Checklist

Debian Maintainers Package Checklist (DRAFT)

 Sandro Tosi, 13 June 2007

In this I'd like to present a list of "dos and donts" about packaging a software for Debian. Obviously, it's a work-in-progress, and items are presented in not particular order. Any contribution is welcome.

  • try to use a debian/watch file: it will ease the update of the package since trough QA page (???link???) you'll be able to see when a new upstream version is release; don't forget to test it using uscan.
  • check EVERY single source file for copyright information, and place them in debian/copyright files, each licence found. You can use this command on source directory:
    grep -iR copyright *
    there will be many false-positive, but it's a beginning...
  • if you're upgrading an existing package, then check if copyright has been extented to the current year, and update accordingly debian/copyright
  • If it's a new package, always fill an ITP bug and close it on debian/changelog;
  • moreover, pay attention on closing every bug fixed in the current release, using debian/changelog;
  • add the "  Homepage: <url>" meta-field at the very bottom of debian/control; it starts becoming a requested feature (note the double space before Homepage);
  • always check packages with lintian and linda, to find common packaging errors; run them agains .dsc, .deb, .changes files