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Hi, my name is Sandro Tosi, i live in Florence (Firenze), Italy, and, at the time of writing, i'm 24 years old.

I got my Computer Science degree from the University of Florence in the April 2004, with a thesis about numerical solving of linear systems with reduced memory occupation.

From June 2004 i'm working for Bridge Consulting, a very dynamic and young-oriented (many people working here are under 30, and few over 40) society. They assigned me to Nuovo Pignone, part of the General Electric group (do you really want to know where i work...? Look here.)

My activities in Nuovo Pignone vary from web application deployment, Oracle Application 11i servers management, integration systems using webMethods (a tool also used in Vodafone and Banca Italia, for example...a toy worth about 1mln $ for licence...), the management of about 40 servers running Windows NT&2000, Linux SLES 7, RedHat AS 3.0, which let me improve my skills with Linux.

I've been always (almost from when i was 9) interested in Sciences, mainly physics, mathematics and astronomy. My university studies had a big influence in my love for science, and even now that i work, i like read scientific publication and study some new/funny/interesting topic in scientific area. My programming projects reflect this way, regarding mainly subject from papers i've read, problems i've heard about or issue i have to solve, applying some strange algorithms...

I'm even a swimmer! Yes, i love to swim and i almost hate play football (i'm italian, anyway... i like see at tv, some times...). I got my trainings in Scandicci (near Florence) with Nuoto Master Scandicci 2001 team, a great group with important results at italian/european level for the team and for some individuals.

During my spare time, i spend as much time as possible at my computer(s) trying to do something useful ;) (The rest of time i read a lot) I listen to everykind of music, but only good music... I'm an album-eater, but the music today makes me fart!! So i listen to classic rock music, always searching for some new cool group/singer, and they often are of 10 years ago...